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Reading Rules

In a mysterious room, Sarah found herself trapped with a countdown timer ticking ominously on the wall. The clock displayed only one hour, and the room's enigmatic rules were clear - she had to read a crucial formulary to stop the countdown. But there was a catch - the formulary book was written in a language completely foreign to her. Panic and anxiety began to grip her as she realized her predicament.

With her heart pounding, Sarah noticed another book on the table. It was a guidebook to learn the language in which the formulary was written. She had exactly half an hour to grasp enough of the language to read the formulary accurately.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah opened the guidebook and started absorbing the unfamiliar characters and grammar. Every second counted, and she was determined to make the most of this limited time. She focused intensely, repeating phrases and trying to master the pronunciation.

As the minutes slipped away, Sarah felt the pressure mounting. She knew she couldn't afford any mistakes or distractions. The countdown timer continued to remind her of the urgency of the situation.

With unwavering determination, Sarah shifted her attention to the formulary book. The words seemed cryptic and unfathomable at first glance. But she refused to be discouraged. Drawing on her newfound knowledge from the guidebook, she began to piece together the meaning of each sentence.

Time seemed to both fly and drag, and Sarah read with unwavering concentration. She couldn't afford to stumble or misunderstand even a single word. The room around her faded away as she immersed herself in the language, determined to conquer this challenge.

As the final minutes approached, Sarah's mind raced, and her heart pounded. She knew she had to remain sharp and focused to succeed. With seconds to spare, she finally reached the last line of the formulary.

Summoning all her courage, Sarah pronounced the words correctly, feeling a sense of triumph surge through her. The countdown timer stopped, and the room's door swung open, granting her freedom.

Sarah stepped out of the room, her heart still racing, but with a newfound sense of accomplishment. The experience taught her the value of reading carefully and paying attention, especially when time was scarce and the stakes were high.

From that day on, Sarah approached every challenge with a heightened sense of attentiveness and focus. She knew that being mindful and staying sharp could make all the difference in overcoming any obstacle.

And so, she carried the lesson with her, reminding herself to approach every task with the same diligence. The short but intense ordeal in that confined room had transformed her, making her a more attentive and perceptive person in all aspects of life.

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WOW the rules are very simple but very deep


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so impresive


25 juil. 2023
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24 juil. 2023
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Like the way you telling this

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